Stephen King’s Cell Casts Samuel L. Jackson 0


According to Variety, veteran actor Samuel L. Jackson has just signed on for a film adaptation of Cell, which is based on the same-titled 2006 novel from Stephen King. The Cell will be adapted by King himself, and will focus on an event known as “the pulse,” which turns everyone who’s using a mobile phone at that exact moment into a bloodthirsty psychopath collectively known as “the crazies.”

Samuel L. Jackson will be working alongside the protagonist played by John Cusack, making the cell their second time working together on a Stephen King adaptation, with the first one being the haunted hotel movie 1408.

Directed by Tod ‘Kip’ Williams and produced by another 1408 alumnus, Richard Saperstein, a release date has not yet been announced, but production is scheduled to start on January 2014.


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