Star Wars Episode VII Will Focus on Anakin’s Grandchildren 0

star wars ep vii luke han solo leia

The rumor mill has been on overdrive since the first news about Star Wars: Episode VII broke out, mostly with regard to the direction in which the new trilogy will take. The last one set the upcoming films’ as picking up where the original trilogy of movies left off, and now the latest rumors state that the story will be focusing on the children of Leia, Han, and Luke.

This means we get some sort of timeskip, as the above-mentioned characters weren’t even married yet when Return of the Jedi ended. This made the casting easier, as the original actors – all of whom have aged a lot since the last time they were in the Star Wars universe – don’t need any CGs or make up to look young again. As for us, we’re just curious as to what kind of father Han will be in the new films. Will he be the strict, disapproving dad, or will he be the “cool, irresponsible” dad who leaves blasters lying around and lets Anakin and Jacen take the Millenium Falcon out for a spin even before they get to legal driving age.