Spike Lee’s Oldboy Remake Delayed Until November 0

spike lee oldboy

People who are anticipating Spike Lee’s remake of Takashi Miike’s Oldboy will be disappointed with the news that the film, which was originally slated for an October 25 release, has been pushed back to November 27, in order to match the release date with the Thanksgiving holiday.

We can understand the reason, though, even if the producers don’t want to admit it. As Oldboy doesn’t have much in the way of competition during that release date, with the only other big name film it’s going to go up against – Disney’s Frozen – not even belonging to the same genre.

Spike Lee’s Oldboy will star Josh Brolin as an advertising executive who’s been abducted and kept isolated for twenty years for no apparent reason. When he is released on equally ambiguous terms, he goes on a mission of revenge against his captors.

Via: Collider.com