Sony Greenlights Gran Turismo Movie 0

Gran Turismo

The Need for Speed movie adaptation is not a big surprise, as the franchise – particularly the later games – already has big budget Hollywood movie-type stories built in, and shouldn’t be that difficult to translate into the big screen (just produce another Fast and Furious film but change the title to Need for Speed and you’re done.). However, Sony’s choice of the next racing game to be turned into a feature film is kind of odd: Gran Turismo.

According to, Sony has recently approved a feature film adaptation for the popular car racing simulation and has tapped Fifty Shades of Grey producers Mike De Luca and Dana Brunetti for the project. It seems that they’re going to eventually butt heads with Universal’s Fast and Furious Franchise and DreamWorks’ Need for Speed adaptation, but there’s something else waiting in the wings: a Hot Wheels film commissioned by Legendary.