Simon Kinberg Regrets X-Men: The Last Stand 0


When it comes to the original X-Men trilogy of films, majority of fans believe that the quality of the films only went down when the third film, The Last Stand, came out. There are various discussions and articles about the problems with the franchise at that point, but the consensus is that it’s a poor ending to an otherwise healthy franchise. Simon Kinberg himself feels the same, as he has recently discussed The Last Stand and admitted that he regrets how the film ended up, with one of the key points being that he would have spent more time fleshing out the Dark Phoenix story.

“I regret that the Dark Phoenix story wasn’t the primary story of the movie,” admits Kinberg, echoing one of the major fan gripes with Brett Ratner’s film.

“I would have fought harder for the Dark Phoenix,” continues the writer. “Listen, I think if we made that movie today, there are a lot of things that would be different.”

“The universe today, culturally, is more open to a darker superhero film. And the darkness of her story was a little bit daunting on a huge $200 million studio movie. It would be less daunting today.”

Kinberg also noted that Days of Future Past will give him an opportunity to gain a little bit of closure on said regrets:

“This was sort of my opportunity, a little like the characters in Days of Future Past going back and improving their younger selves with the lessons they’ve learned as wiser men. It’s sort of a chance for me to go back and do differently what I did ten years ago on X3.”

Source: (via Total Film magazine)