Simon Kinberg to Reboot Fantastic Four 0

simon kinberg fantastic four

Fox’s next installment in the Fantastic Four movie franchise will be a complete reboot, which is understandable considering the lukewarm response it received from moviegoers and critics, and considering how high the bar has been set by other comic book movies since then. According to Heat Vision, Fox’s desire to revitalize the franchise prompted the studio to get current X-Men: Days of Future Past screenwriter Simon Kinberg to rewrite the existing Fantastic Four movie script.

It should be noted that said script has already undergone several rewrites, with Seth Grahame-Smith originally hired to polish a Jeremy Slater’s first draft, and there are at least two more writers who have touched the draft in some way or another.

Heat Vision also reports that Kinberg will not just polish or rewrite parts of the script, but will do a major overhaul, which implies that the studio is not happy with the current direction of the project.

Josh Trank is still in the director’s seat, but there are no casting news yet (although it’s safe to say that Chris Evans won’t reprise his role as Johnny Storm, as the actor is already busy being Steve Rogers on Marvel/Disney’s side of the pond.)

Source: Heat Vision (via