Silent House Clip with Elizabeth Olsen Intro 0

Silent House Clip with Elizabeth Olsen Intro

Elizabeth Olsen’s new horror movie Silent House has just released a new clip online, introduced by the lead actress herself. The new footage is short, and doesn’t really contain any of the actual scary bits, but it provides a little bit of exposition and sets up the movie nicely:

Silent House’s story follows a young woman who finds herself trapped and sealed in her family’s run down lake house, which is a scary enough predicament on its own, but as it turns out, she’s not trapped inside the house alone.

Silent house is filmed in real time, using one continuous take for the entire film, so it will not rely on quick cuts, slow motion, and other editing tricks to bring on the scares. The film promises to immerse the audience in Olsen’s ordeal, and will not cut away from the nightmare as it unfolds.