Series of Independence Day Films Being Planned by Roland Emmerich 0

Series of Independence Day Films Being Planned by Roland Emmerich

Roland Emmerich and co-writer Dean Devlin have recently revealed that their plans for the Independence Day film franchise go beyond a mere prospective sequel. The duo were already reported to be drafting a pair of sequels, tentatively entitled ID Forever Parts One & Two, which are set a couple of decades after the events of the original.

“Roland and I would really like to do [it],” says Devlin, reiterating the pair’s plans. “We have some pretty darn good ideas on how to do [a sequel] and, hopefully, that will all come together. A lot of things have to align. The planets have to piece together and if they do, it’ll happen.”

Emmerich went on to admit that their main goal is to create a whole new series of ID movies, offering an extended take on the alien mythology:

“That’s actually what we talked a lot about,” says Emmerich. “The mythology of why did the aliens come in the first place; what is the bigger story of this whole thing? And we talked a lot about swarm intelligence. [The humans] are individual intelligence. Even though we kill each other and have wars against each other, we have something special.

“We have this domino human spirit to believe in good and overcoming enemies. It’s a little bit about that, and when you get a bigger mythology going, I think then you have the chance to do not only one or two or three but you can create a series. That’s what we want to do.”

Via: SlashFilm