Scarlett Johansson Willing to do a Black Widow Spin-off 2

Scarlett Johansson Willing to do a ‘Black Widow’ Spin-off

Scarlett Johansson has recently been going around talking up a storm about the upcoming Avengers movie, which will tie up most of Marvel’s recent film properties (Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, and Hulk) into a neat little bundle of fanboy joy. Johansson plays The Black Widow, a female superspy/double agent clad in black leather who originally appeared in Iron Man 2.

Johansson has revealed in a recent interview with Superherohype that she loves playing the character so much, and that she would be very open to returning for a Black Widow spin-off, which could be a possibility because the character has a lot of history that can be mined for a solo movie.

I love playing the Widow,I think she’s got a very interesting past, a lot of storylines to explore, and certainly Kevin [Feige] loves that character. I think that Marvel has a very personal relationship with their fans, I think if the fans want it, and the audience wants it, nothing’s impossible. I would love to explore that option as well, like I said, I love the character and it would be nice to see something nice and gritty.