Saoirse Ronan Being Considered for Cinderella Role 0

Saoirse Ronan Being Considered for Cinderella Role

Mark Romanek’s upcoming adaptation of Cinderella has recently found an Evil Stepmother with Cate Blanchett, and it is now trying to find the ideal actress to play the role of the titular slipper-shod heroine, with The Lovely Bones’ Saoirse Ronan thought to be the frontrunner.

The news seem to indicate that Ronan is one of the few actresses in Hollywood that casting directors see as “Princess-material,” since she’s been in line to play Snow White before, only for the movie, titled The Order of the Seven, to get canned.

However, we can’t consider the Cinderella role a homerun for Saoirse yet, as she’s facing tough competition with Anna Karenina star Alicia Vikander and Gabriella Wilde also being considered by the studio for the role.

The script for the film will be penned by Chris Weitz, and will focus on a young Prince who finds himself railroaded into a politically beneficial marriage. However, he has a chance encounter with Cinderella, which changes his plans completely.