Samuel L. Jackson Joins Robocop Remake

Samuel L. Jackson Joins Robocop Remake 0

Samuel L. Jackson Joins Robocop Remake

The Robocop remake has added another major player to its expanding cast list, effectively building an A-list cast that already includes The Dark Knight Rises’ Gary Oldman. Now, it’s another actor that’s fresh off a comic book movie – Samuel L. Jackson has been confirmed as the newest member of Jose Padilha’s modern take on Robocop.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Jackson will be playing a character named Pat Novak, who is a charismatic TV mogul carrying a lot of sway in the universe in which the movie is set.

Filming on the project is expected to begin in Toronto in September, with MGM hoping to have the film ready in time for a release date somewhere around summer 2013.

Kinnaman himself recently described the film as telling, “a new story within the old one,” and the introduction of new characters for Jackson and Oldman would seem to support that theory.


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