Sam Mendes May Direct the Next Bond Movie

Sam Mendes May Direct the Next Bond Movie 0

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Sony/MGM is said to be deadest on re-signing Sam Mendes for the next Bond movie, which is perfectly understandable considering that Skyfall, which was directed by Mendes, is the highest-grossing British film in UK box office history to date.

According to the Daily Mail, Sony/MGM may be getting their wish as Mendes is now “75% likely” to return, even though the director initially had doubts over his ability to fit the movie into his busy schedule. The director was also initially turned off by the suggestion that the next Bond film will be part of a two-film storyline that’s filmed back to back, which would have taken four years of his time.

However, now that the next Bond is confirmed to be a standalone movie and Mendes is being asked to return, the possibility of having another Mendes-directed Bond film is starting to become possible. Assuming that Mendes is willing, of course. However, it doesn’t look like Mendes can hit the targeted Autumn 2014 release date, should he sign on the dotted line.

Via: Daily Mail

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