Sadako Mob Terrorizes Tokyo

Sadako Mob Terrorizes Tokyo 0

Sadako Mob Terrorizes Tokyo

As another way of drumming up interest for the upcoming movie Sadako 3D, an army of 50 Sadakos from Ringu stalked the streets of Tokyo (the previous PR stunts include Hello Kitty tie in merch and Sadako herself throwing the opening pitch for a baseball game).

A total of 50 people dressed in TV sets with half of Sadako’s body jutting out of the screen stalked the streets of Tokyo, along with a truck that also features a giant mock TV screen and a Sadako coming out. The plan was to have them roaming until 5 PM, but a storm made them leave early.

Sadako Mob Terrorizes Tokyo

Sadako 3D is not a continuation of the Ringu franchise, but more of a modern update, which goes far beyond just retelling the story of Sadako and the unlucky victims of her course – the movie also updates the experience with full 3D, meaning you get to see Sadako literally crawling out of the screen. This is not for the faint of heart, literally.

Sadako 3D will hit Japanese theaters on May 12th, 2012.

Via: TV Asahi News

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