S-VHS Scares Audience at Sundance 0


The sequel to the Found Footage horror anthology V/H/S, S-VHS has done a good job of scaring the crap out of audiences at Sundance. It’s an impressive feat, considering that the original (which has only recently hit the UK cinemas) didn’t make as big of an impression owing to the fact that people are already getting tired of the Found Footage sub-genre.

V/H/S consisted of several horror shorts in wrapped up by a framing story (e.g. a group of thieves break into a home and find a dead body in front of a pile of videotapes and a player, with each videotape they pop in playing one of the horror shorts.) The sequel S-VHS is more of the same, but this time around the quality is more consistent, and the scares are generally better.

The framing story for S-VHS follows a detective and his female companion, who breaks into a missing person’s house and find a pile of creepy-looking video cassettes. From there it goes straight into the four horror shorts.

The audience at Sundance seem to be more receptive to the film compared to other recent offerings from the sub genre – with people whooping, laughing, and screaming in places that the movie intended.