Rumor: Star Trek 3 Starts Filming in 2014 0

zachary quinto star trek 3

Now that J.J. Abrams is locked in for Star Wars: Episode VII, Star Trek fans are worrying that he might not be able to continue his Star Trek gig. Or at best, it may lead to some delays. However, according to a recent Buzzhub report, Zachary Quinto himself has revealed during an interview in Galway, Ireland, that Abrams is still interested in helming the 3rd film in the series, with filming set to start in 2014.

Additionally, Quinto also allegedly revealed that the plan is to churn the third film out in much less time than the second, which means a tighter shoot schedule. It may lead to problems with Abrams, given his Star Wars commitment, but given his clout with studios, he may be able to negotiate a leeway of some sorts.