Roland Emmerich to Reboot Stargate 0


If you think Hollywood’s done rebooting beloved sci-fi franchises and that they have already learned their lesson through some of the more recent box office disappointements, think again – because Roland Emmerich is ready to reboot his 1994 sci fi hit Stargate. Granted that he’s talked about rebooting the film for years, but this time he’s going to use it to launch a new trilogy of movies that are set beyond the wormhole.

There’s no word yet on the plot, but Emmerich will have no shortage of material to mine given the movies, the TV shows, the cartoons, comics, books, and even games that were born from the portal-hopping sci fi adventure. Just don’t expect things to materialize soon, as Emmerich’s schedule is still jampacked, what with two Independence Day sequels being scheduled for a 2016 release.