Robopocalypse Postponed Indefinitely 0

Robopocalypse Postponed Indefinitely

A recent report by The Hollywood Reporter reveals that Steven Spielberg’s Robopocalypse has been put on hold “for an indefinite time.” According to Spielberg’s spokesman, Martin Levy, the project is simply too important and that the script is not yet ready, adding that the film is also too expensive to produce.

It has not been made clear what Spielberg’s next project will be now that Robopocalypse has been put on the backburner, but there’s no need to worry as the director is still riding on a high due to Lincoln being a front runner for awards success. The presidential biopic is currently leading the 2013 Bafta nominations with 10 nods, and it is expected that the film will get equal attention in the Oscars.

Whether it’s just cancelled or just delayed, we’re actually glad that they’re making an effort to take another look at Robopocalypse. We’re sure Spielberg knows his robots and his action adventures, but the title just sounds kind of awkward to us.