New Red Band Clip for Scarlett Johansson’s Lucy 0


A new red band clip for the Scarjo-starrer Lucy has been released, showing the titular character turning a seemingly impossible predicament into something that resembles scenes from her time as the Black Widow. As the red band tag implies, the scenes show off a little bit more violence than your average superhero film, which might be a disappointment for people who clicked after seeing the words “Scarlett Johansson” and “Red Band clip” in the same sentence.

You can check out the clip below:

For the uninitiated, Lucy tells the story of a woman who has been genetically modified to use 100% brain capacity, compared to the average 10% that normal humans do. Of course, this is just a movie so you have to ignore the various studies and articles on the net debunking the myth about brain capacity usage. As far as Lucy is concerned, that 90% you are not using is the key to kicking a lot of arse and the ability to become Neo.