Rambo TV Series Planned, Stallone to Star 0


According to the Hollywood Reporter, Entertainment One and Nu Image are currently developing a new action TV series for the Rambo franchise. And while that’s a surprising – yet welcome – piece of news, what’s even more surprising is that Sylvester Stallone himself may end up reprising the role of John Rambo.

It is reported that Stallone will be involved “on a creative level,” which is a given but reprising the iconic role makes one wonder. The Expendables and the fourth Rambo film prove that Stallone can still play the part, but as both movies also show, he’s not exactly young enough to carry the stories without making it about the character growing too old for all the action hero stuff. However, Stallone has already stated that a fifth Rambo film can be an opportunity to pass the torch to a successor, so the Rambo TV series may do just that. If you need an example of a TV series that allowed an aging character to pass the torch onto a younger one, you can look no further than Highlander.