Quentin Tarantino Shares His Thoughts on Prometheus 0

Quentin Tarantino Shares His Thoughts on Prometheus

Quentin Tarantino, much like majority of his fans, is a proud geek. This means it’s hardly surprising that he has some pretty strong opinions about one of 2012’s most divisive sci fi movies, Prometheus.

Tarantino shared his thoughts via a US chat-show, where he started by praising certain aspects of Ridley Scott’s film before expounding on its flaws:

“On one hand, it was actually kind of cool to see a big deal, serious science-fiction epic by a director like Ridley Scott,” began Tarantino. “Overall the experience was pretty cool having seen it.”

“But there was also a lot of dumb stuff in it,” continued the director. “When it got to the point where they’re on another planet and then a space cobra literally shows up, opens up its hood and the guy who’s in charge of alien creatures goes, ‘Hey, little fella! How ya doin?’ I was like, ‘uhhhhh…. It’s a space cobra!’”