First Poster For SkyFall 0

The first official poster for Skyfall has been released, and as expected, it features a deadpan Daniel Craig in another variation of the classic gun-barrel framing that has become a staple of James Bond movies.

The new poster, despite following the gun barrel frame format of the Bond films, updates the look with a grittier image, which is keeping in line with the equally gritty, back to basics Bond portrayed by Craig since Casino Royale.

First Poster For SkyFall

There are no cackling, monologuing villains in Craig’s Bond, just a double O agent with a pistol and a serious intent to finish business. That being said, Craig has already let it slip that Skyfall will allow his Bond’s lighter side to surface, and while the film will not do a 180 in tone, he warns that it will be peppered with a few of 007’s trademark quips and one liners.

“You have to have a script that has the bones of comedy,” said Craig. “Comedy in Bond films, for me, comes out of the situations people get into.They’re exciting, and hopefully heart-stopping,” he continues, “and the comedy comes out of one-liners and things. There’s a lightness of touch in the writing that’s not been as evident in the past two.”

Skyfall will open in the UK on 26 October 2012.