New Poster for Seth MacFarlane’s TED

New Poster for Seth MacFarlane’s TED 1

New Poster for Seth MacFarlane’s TED
A new poster has been released for Seth MacFarlane’s live-action/CG-movie about a guy with separation anxiety (played by Mark Wahlberg) and his rude, perverted teddy bear roommate (a CG animated stuffed bear voiced by Seth himself).

As expected from the Family Guy creator, the poster is innuendo-laden. Yet it’s subtle enough that it won’t merit any censorship: the poster is a simple image of Ted in front of a computer monitor, with a certain look on its face. The image is punctuated with the tagline “Ted is Coming.”

On the one hand, young children and naïve adults will probably pass the poster and just think, “Oh, Ted is Coming to Theaters Soon.” but those of us who are more attuned to MacFarlane’s brand of humor will get what Ted is doing, and will be glad that the poster doesn’t actually show the stuffed toy’s hand nor the contents of the screen he is looking at.

New Poster for Seth MacFarlane’s TED

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  1. Jonas Almeida
    May 29, 2012 @ 15:26:55

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