New Poster for The Man With The Iron Fists 0

New Poster for The Man With The Iron Fists

The first official poster for The Man With the Iron Fists has just been released, featuring the entire movie cast, lead RZA in particular, looking properly badass.

The Man With the Iron Fists tells the story of a blacksmith (played by RZA, who’s also credited for the story), who lived his life in feudal China making weapons for a small village (not to discriminate in here, but were there African Americans in China back then?) RZA’s titular blacksmith was able to live peacefully until the arrival of a bunch of aggressors, who forced our hero into battle in order to protect himself and the villagers.

If the preview image above (in which RZA literally punched the eye out of a poor suckah) doesn’t make you realize it yet, this is going to be the usual Tarantino stuff with all the violence you deserve, though not the kind of violence you need right now. But you can take it, because you’re not a hero. You’re a Tarantino fan.

Those of us who are not really Tarantino fans may find something interesting with the movie as well, particularly Russell Crowe, who’s playing a character known as “The Baddest Man Alive.” No, not Steve Austin or Mike Tyson. That’s really what he’s named in the movie. The movie also has Cung Le, in case you’re one of those jerks who only want to see action scenes done by people who actually know how to fight in real life.

New Poster for The Man With The Iron Fists