New Poster for The Expendables 2 0

A new banner poster has just been released in support of The Expendables 2, and it’s a very cool poster featuring all of your favorite action heroes appearing together in one badass lineup.

The official tagline used in the poster is “Back for War”, and it’s an apt tagline for both the movie’s story and the movie itself, with the actors showing off their impressive arsenal of heavy weaponry. On the other hand, Sly’s pair of pistols look underwhelming compared to his co-actors’ heavy gear, but maybe it’s because he doesn’t really need a weapon to kick your ass. Or maybe it’s because he considers weapons as expendable (zoom!)

Expendable 2 follows Stallone’s rag tag group of real action men coming together for another explosive dangerous mission, courtesy of a long standing favour called in by the mysterious Mr. Church (Bruce Willis).

The movie’s villain is played by Jean Claude Van Damme, a knife-fetishing nutcase who is currently in possession of a large store of plutonium. We have no idea what he plans to do with it – maybe perform splits on top of them in order to kickstart a nuclear reaction – but it’s not like the story is such an important part of the movie: Stallone and his band appears, things go boom, faces get punched and kicked, guns are fired, and there goes your movie.

Directed by Simon West, The Expendables 2 opens in the UK on 17 August 2012.

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