New Poster for The Dark Knight Rises

New Poster for The Dark Knight Rises 0

New Poster for The Dark Knight Rises

A new banner poster has been released in support of The Dark Knight Rises, probably because they want to remind the 2 people on earth who still don’t know what the movie is and that it’s going to be showing on the big screens soon – like, around next month-ish?

Not that there’s anything to complain about in the poster. It looks properly bad ass, full of things burning and broken and burning some more (in case one burn is not enough, because bridges can be stubborn sometimes, and deys needs to be burned several times before it reco’nize you as its grand mack daddy).

Bane is also standing in the foreground, just to show you who’s to blame from all the burny stuff happening. Because he’s that kind of guy. Honest and responsible to a fault. He also looks to be several hundred feet tall, taller than even some of the skyscrapers that are burning (that is what you get for being short, buildings. BURN!). In case you’re wondering who’s responsible for the burning skyscrapers, it’s also Bane. He burned those skyscrapers. The smug look on his half-covered face is proof.

The Dark Knight Rises will open in the UK on 20 July 2012. The movie has certainly gone out of its way to build up the kind of hype that lesser movies would have trouble living up to, but no worries about The Dark Knight. We’re pretty sure Christopher Nolan, the local pizza parlor, and my wife’s obstetrician can deliver when needed.

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