Pepper Potts Will Be The Heart of Iron Man 3 0

poltrow pepper potts

In a recent statement over at, Kevin Feige has revealed that even though Iron Man 3 boasts of 2 intimidating supervillains such as the Mandarin and Aldrich Killian, the most significant character in the film will be Tony Stark’s part time assistant, full time love interest Pepper Potts.

“The love triangle in this movie is really between Tony, Pepper and the suits,” explains Feige. “Tony, Pepper and his obsession with those suits, and the obsession with technology. And, it’s sort of unique for a big superhero summer blockbuster franchise to have those kind of layers.

“Yes, there’s a bad guy,” he continues. “Yes, the stakes are very, very high – the President of the United States is in danger. Air Force One is attacked. There are big stakes to this movie.

“But the real stakes are, is Tony going to be able to set aside the obsession to spend all day, every day in that workshop, tinkering with the suits in order to focus on, as he says in the trailer, the one thing that matters most – Pepper. And that actually is what the entire movie’s about.”