Paul Walker to Starr in Hitman Reboot, Agent 47 0

hitman agent 47

Fox is currently planning to reboot the Hitman movie franchise, with the latest bit of news stating that Paul Walker is on the shortlist to play the eponymous Agent 47 in the adaptation of Eidos’ popular series of videogames.

Fox originally planned to turn the original adaptation, which starred Timothy Olyphant as Agent 47, into a film franchise that follows the exploits of the genetically engineered assassin over several films. However, the first film was universally panned by critics and box office numbers were sub par, so the plan was eventually shelved.

With the announcement of Walker’s casting and the upcoming reboot, it seems like the studio is trying take another shot at turning the videogame franchise into a movie one. Walker is said to begin work on the project as soon as he finishes his current commitments on Fast & Furious 6. Then we’ll see if the viewing public is keen on giving the Hitman franchise another chance at the box office.