Patrick Wilson Confirms Ant-Man Role 0


After initial rumors about being cast in Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man film adaptation, Patrick Wilson has finally confirmed that he was cast for a part, though he remains tight lipped on which specific role he was given. During an interview at SXSW, Wilson has revealed that he has already read the script for the film, and stated that his character is “important.”

Wilson did not clarify whether his character is good or evil, and has not confirmed whether he would be wearing any kind of costume at some point. With both the Scott Lang and Hank Pym roles already filled (by Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas, respectively), it’s kind of difficult to imagine another important character in the movie, unless we’re talking about a villain. But be honest, which Ant Man (outside of Ultron, who is already busy in the Avengers sequel) villain do you remember?