Two Paranormal Activity Movies Scheduled for 2014 0


Collider reports that 2014 will see two more films in Oren Peli’s series of found-footage horror films, Paranormal Activity. The official titles of the two films have been revealed as “Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones and Paranormal Activity 5.

The Marked Ones is slated for a January 3, 2014 release and features a predominantly Latno Cast, with the story focusing on a Catholic inquiry into the various paranormal events that have occurred in the past films.

Paranormal Activity 5, on the other hand, will continue the main story of the series, and is slated for an October 24, 2014 release – just in time for next year’s Halloween week. It was originally scheduled for a January release, but was pushed back in order to make way for the spin-off.