First Official Trailer for The Wolverine Released 0

the wolverine

The first official trailer for The Wolverine has finally been released online, and it seems that all the excitement over the movie was perfectly justified, as the footages show that we can truly expect to see the fast-healing, be-clawed mutant being dropped in setting that’s completely different from the jungle and warehouse settings found in the first film.

The trailer shows that we’re going to get a very stylish look at Japan, and since this is a Wolverine movie, we can expect that the stylishness will come with a helping of behinds getting kicked really hard all over the place.

The movie seems to follow up where the X-Men trilogy of movies left off, instead of being set after the first Wolverine-centric movie (which was a prequel of sorts to the X-films). It follows Logan as he tries to put his obsession with Jean Grey behind him, which leads to his finding new love in the form of a local Japanese girl. Unfortunately, said girl is actually part of a powerful Yakuza crime family – you know where this is going.

Take a look at the new trailer below: