New Official Trailer for Skyfall 0

New Official Trailer for Skyfall

The first official trailer has been released for Daniel Craig’s third James Bond film, and in it, we get to see the same grizzled, gritty, and all around more badass Bond that made put Craig in the map as agent 007.

The trailer shows Bond being subjected to a single question and answer session by an Mi6 psychologist, while M and his superiors look on from behind a one way mirror. Bond provides glib, one word answers to trigger questions such as “agent” and “gun”, but is stopped in his tracks by the mention of the word “Skyfall”. After a moment’s hesitation, he answers with “done.” It is not clear from the trailer on whether “done” means he’s done with the session, or it is his answer to the question.

Skyfall opens in the UK on 26 October 2012.