Official Trailer for Paranormal Activity 4

Official Trailer for Paranormal Activity 4 0

Official Trailer for Paranormal Activity 4

The official trailer for Paranormal Activity 4 has been released on the web. The fourth installment (5th, actually, if you count the Japanese-only spin off Paranormal Activity: Tokyo Nights) of Oren Peli’s “found film footage” horror franchise stars Diana Agron and Brady Allen, along with returning star Katie Featherston. The film is directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman.

Paranormal Activity 4 picks up a few years after the end of Paranormal Activity 2, and follows Alice and Megan, as they experience weird occurrences after Kathie Featherston – who is still possessed – moved in next door with her son Robbie, who is actually Hunter, the baby she abducted from the second film.

Paranormal Activity 4 arrives in theaters on October 19th, 2012.

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