New Oblivion Trailer Has Cruise Gunning Down Drones 0

tom cruise oblivion trailer

A brand-spanking new trailer has been released via MSN Movies, this time giving a much better overview of the plot, with Tom Cruise (playing Jack Harper) being shown clad in a white jumpsuit and spending his days alone as a post-apocalyptic drone repairmen. Basically, Cruise is a futuristic repairman, whose responsibility is to tend to machines that target the alien threat responsible for wiping out life on the Earth.

During one of Harper’s visits to the planet’s surface, he comes across a drone assault on humans, which is weird because most human survivors at that time were already living in satellite dwellings. Harper suspects a conspiracy and goes rogue, saving the human being hunted by the drone, who turns out to be Olga Kurylenko.

Video: Oblivion – exclusive trailer

Aside from Kurylenko, Cruise will also get support from Andrea Riseborough and Morgan Freeman. Oblivion opens in the UK on 12 April 2013.