What Nicolas Cage Looked Like as Superman 0


Many comic book fans are aware that actor Nicholas Cage is also very big on comic books and superheroes, and it’s common knowledge that the actor almost played Superman in a project called Superman Lives, which was supposed to be helmed by Tim Burton. It was that time when Superman just died and came back as a shiny, blue, electric thing, so the casting and director choices weren’t that odd based on the source material.

We’ve already seen images of Nic Cage in the electric costume via several leaks in the past, and while it really looked awful, most fans gave Nic some slack because the costume looked awful even in the comic books. But now a new set of images has been leaked showing Cage in a more conventional Superman costume, and it seems like the slack was undeserved.

We’re not being shallow here, but Cage doesn’t look like Superman, even if you add muscles in the costume (we’re assuming those are fake, Nic wasn’t that ripped in the 90s), and his receded hairline is really off-putting. We’ve seen Superman after he spent hundreds of years living inside the sun, and he still has a full head of hair.