Nicholas Cage Defends Superman Lives 0

nic cage superman lives

By this point in time, almost everyone who would care about the subject has already seen the leaked photos of Nic Cage wearing a Superman costume, and has probably thanked the (new) gods that the film didn’t happen, thinking that the film would have been a disaster on all fronts.

However, Cage himself has recently broken his silence and talked about the aborted Superman Lives project, which would have been directed by Tim Burton, from a script by Kevin Smith. Cage defends the project and believes that it would have been a very good movie:

“I do think that I had the win-win situation,” explains Cage, “because that character is such a bullseye that you have to hit. He’s one of the most precious icons of our country.

“The fact that Tim and I were pretty far down the road designing [Superman Lives], and I know that with Tim and where I was going to go, we would have done something really special.”

Via: MTV