Neill Blomkamp Has Already Written an 18-page Treatment for District 10 0


Ever since District 9 proved that there’s still room in the blockbuster charts for Sci-Fi that doesn’t have Jedi or Klingons in them, director Neil Blomkamp has risen to the top as one of modern cinema’s IT-boys for intelligent sci fi movies.

With his Elysium soon to hit cinemas, fans of Blomkamp won’t have to wait long for another outing with the director. Additionally, it was also revealed that Blomkamp and wife/writing partner Terri Tatchell have already written an an 18 page treatment for the follow up to District 9, titled District 10.

There’s no word on whether the sequel will be going into production soon, but it’s still nice to know that Blomkamp has it on the backburner and the franchise isn’t going to turn into a one-off.