Morbius in The Amazing Spider-Man 2? 0

Morbius in The Amazing Spider-Man 2?

Word is out that actor Asim Ahmad has been cast in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 as a certain Michael Morbius. If the rumors are true, it seems like we have a possible candidate for one of the movie franchise’s future villains.

Astute comic book readers will recognize the name Michael Morbius as belonging to the Nobel prize-winning biochemist who unsuccessfully tried to treat his rare blood condition by altering his physical makeup via electro-shock therapy and vampire bats, which transformed him into a vampire-like creature.

“Morbius is only mentioned in two pages, not a big part,” tweeted Ahmad, suggesting that the casting is either a brief nod to the fans or a brief set-up for a later appearance. Given the relative anonymity of the actor, we’d suggest it’s probably the former.