Michael Shannon Confirms That General Zod Suit is CGI

Michael Shannon Confirms That General Zod Suit is CGI 0

Michael Shannon Confirms That General Zod Suit is CGI

The latest Man of Steel trailer has finally shown what Michael Shannon looks like as General Zod. It’s only for a few seconds but we still get a clear look at the Kryptonian villain, who seems to be sporting an intimidating suit of armor. However, Shannon is happy to confirm that the suit is not as intimidating in real life, on account of the fact that it’s just CGI:

“I never wore the armor,” reveals Shannon. “That is a CG outfit, I think I can say that without getting assassinated, yes. Honestly, the armour would be very heavy… they wanted me to have freedom of movement.

“So every time you see me in that metal suit just close your eyes and imagine me in an Arlequino outfit; green, red, blue, with the little tight around the midsection. Yeah, we all looked like a bunch of dorks.”

As expected, Shannon is very secretive when it comes to plot details, but he still comes off as optimistic about David S. Goyer’s script:

“I thought the whole script was just very sophisticated for the genre that it is,” says Shannon. “It was as sophisticated as scripts for other movies I’ve done that have been considered more highfalutin, or whatever. It has a lot of deep themes in it, and the way they deal with Kal-El’s journey is really fascinating.”

Via: Collider.com

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