Michael Rooker Discusses Guardians of the Galaxy 0

michael rooker yondu

In a recent interview with SuperHeroHype, actor Michael Rooker has expressed excitement over the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy film adaptation, where he plays the blue-skinned alien Yondu. Rooker also revealed that he’s read ahead into the comics just to find out as much as he can about the character:

“When I first got the role of Yondu, [James] Gunn was like, ‘Don’t read any of the comics!’” says Rooker, “but it’s beautiful stuff.”

“Whenever you do a film of comic-book characters and stuff, you don’t know how much you can show, you don’t know how much is going to be brought out. Nowadays movies are done and they already have two or three others planned out.”

“So stuff you do in this one,” continues Rooker, “you ask ‘Why aren’t we doing this?’ and they say, ‘Well be patient!’”

Frankly, we didn’t expect Michael Rooker to be so damn excitable, as we’ve always seen him for the role that he plays. And really, it’s not like Guardians of the Galaxy is the only big name project he has on his plate.

Via: Superherohype.com