Michael Keaton Explains Why He Turned Down Batman Forever 0


After all the dust kicked up by Ben Affleck’s casting as Batman has settled, it is now time to turn our attention to someone else with experience playing the dark knight: Michael Keaton. Like Affleck, Keaton wasn’t exactly met with favorable response when news of his casting was first announced. He’s not exactly an action star and he doesn’t “fit the look.” If the Internet was already as big back then, you can bet that it would have generated as much negative publicity as the Batfleck debacle. Thankfully, Keaton was given a fair chance, because his Batman movies were franchise-defining moments.

Keaton himself has been thinking about his time as the caped crusader, with a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly revealing that he’s willing to reprise the role under the right circumstance and that he was once offered the role in Batman Forever:

“If it was Tim Burton directing?” clarified Keaton, when asked by Entertainment Weekly whether he would ever consider playing the character again. “In a heartbeat.”

“Tim, in the movies, really invented the whole dark-superhero thing. He started everything, and some of the guys who have done these movies since then don’t say that, and they’re wrong.”

As for the reason why he turned down $15 million (big money for Hollywood back then) to reprise the role in Batman Forever, let’s just hope Joel Schumacher isn’t reading EW:

“It sucked,” says Keaton. “Yeah, it was just awful.”