Michael Fassbender Confirms Prometheus Return 0


While Ridley Scott’s Prometheus was a divisive film, in the sense that the people who loved it are as vocal as the people who hated it, there’s one thing that both sides can agree on: Michael Fassbender’s David was one of the best characters in the story. In a recent interview with Collider.com, the actor indirectly confirmed that he will be returning for a sequel.

When asked by Collider on whether he was looking forward to working with Scott Ridley again on the project, Fassbender simply responded with “For sure… I love Ridley, he’s a master filmmaker.” He tried to backpedal a little bit when co-interviewee James McAvoy asked him whether he’s doing a sequel. Fassbender replied, “yeah, but when I don’t know.”

Source: Collider.com