Michael Bay Will Pass Over the Reins to Transformers 5 0

Optimus Prime in TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION, from Paramount Pictures.

In spite of the commercial success of Michael Bay’s Transformers films (the criticism doesn’t seem to bother him), the director seems ready to move on to other projects as he has recently revealed that he will be passing over the reigns of the Transformers franchise to a new pair of hands.

The revelation came via a statement made to USA Today, in which Bay stated that he is focusing his attention elsewhere and must appoint a new director for the fifth film in the franchise:

“There’s kind of a new chapter, a new direction in movies I want to make,” says Bay, who has been linked to a documentary on elephant poaching. “I have a lot of stories to tell. And it’s about flexing new muscles.”

Source: USA Today (via Totalfilm.com)