MGM in Talks for Hot Tub Time Machine Sequel 0

MGM in Talks for Hot Tub Time Machine Sequel

Original stars of Hot Tub Time Machine Rob Corddry, Craig Robinson, and Clark Duke are currently in talks with MGM in order to reprise their roles for a follow up to the comedy movie. Reports also state that Corddry will be working with Steve Pink, who was the director of the original, on a script. Pink is also being asked to return to the director’s seat.

The Hollywood Reporter also reports that John Cusack is not involved at the present time.

Hot Tub Time Machine failed to make an impression at the box office when it was originally released, grossing only $50m. Thankfully, it only cost $36m to make. What’s even better is that it proved to be a massive home entertainment hit.

The film focuses on four men who are unhappy with their lives, who travel back in time via a hot tub back to a specific night during their teenage years in the 80s.