Metal Gear Solid Film Adaptation Eyeing Jordan Vogt-Roberts 0


A Metal Gear Solid film adaptation has been the subject of rumors and speculation for a long time now, and it’s pretty much well-known that Hideo Kojima has written the franchise with leanings towards a movie structure, but now it looks like Sony is raring to go, as they have allegedly started looking for a director, with their sights set on Jordan Vogt-Roberts, who is best known for the 2013 indie film The Kings of Summer.

According to a report on, Vogt-Roberts is already in talks with the production company, although there’s still no word on what will become of these talks. The way things go in Hollywood, Sony could also be eyeing other potential directors as well, and heck, the project might enter development limbo after this. It’s a waiting game at this point. Thankfully, just the FMVs from the last few Metal Gear games should give you as much as 12 movies’ worth of things to watch.