New Men in Black TV Spot 0

New Men in Black TV Spot

There’s a new TV spot out for the 3rd installment of the Men in Black franchise, this time, the TV spot reveals more details than the previous trailer and teaser images did, including the appearance of Agent J and Agent K’s new supervisor – Emma Thomson, who is replacing Rip Thorne as the chief of MIB (although we don’t know what prompted the change).

The TV spot also gives Tommy Lee Jones more screen time, as it shows him trying to shake down an alien posing as a restaurant chef, only he gets a little bit too hands on, prompting a complaint from Will Smith’s Agent J: “that’s just disrespectful”.

We also see Josh Brolin again, in his first encounter with Agent J as the younger Agent K. It’s been confirmed that Jermain Clement will be the movie’s villain, playing the role of an alien biker. Unfortunately, the TV spot doesn’t contain any scenes featuring the supposed big bad.