Men in Black III Teaser Poster Sighted 0

Men in Black III Teaser Poster Sighted

Sometimes I wonder why I even bother to go out, when a picture of everything there is worth seeing outside will eventually find its way to the net, and I will be able to see it without having to deal with unnecessary crap like sunlight, fresh air, and people whose sole purpose in life is to elbow me in the face. Case in point: The new teaser poster for Men in Black III has been sighted and photographed, and uploaded by for my enjoyment:

Men in Black III Teaser Poster Sighted

As you can see from the poster, an image of Tommy Lee Jones’ Agent K is hidden amidst a sea of MIB III logo. Pretty clever, I guess. It gives aliens something to think about before they get all invade-y on our planet’s face. It’s like, Dear, Aliens – Who Run The World? The answer is not Beyonce Knowles’ gender of choice, but Tommy Lee Jones’ Agent K. And possibly Will Smith’s Agent J when the man stops bringing him down due to his skin color.

There is a swerve, though. Tommy Lee Jones is just used as the image because he’s more readily associated with the MIB franchise, but he’s not in the film (and Will Smith can’t be featured because he’s black and the man is keeping him down.) Using the likeness of an actor that is not in the movie was decided because there have been concerns that fans will not recognize the man who will actually play a younger version of Agent K in the movie, Josh Brolin. Who the hell is this Brolin dude anyway?