Men In Black 4 Gets a Writer 0

Men In Black 4 Gets a Writer

We liked Men in Black 3, was impressed by Josh Brolin’s ability to play a young version of Tommy Lee Jones, and got our heartstrings tugged by the ending (which explains a lot about the dynamics between J and K, and why J was chosen in the first place) but we felt that it was the logical end to the series. Sony doesn’t seem to think so, as they have recently pushed for another installment in the franchise and has hired a writer to start on the script.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Oren Uziel has been tapped to work on the script, after recently getting the nod to write the script for another Sony sequel, 21 Jump Street 2. Uziel will have to finish the 21 Jump Street script first before he can focus on MIB4.

Via: The Hollywood Reporter