Matthew Vaughn Confirmed for The Secret Service 0

the secret service

It seems like Matt Vaughn has become the Go-To guy when it comes to adapting Mark Millar’s comic book stories to movie form, with recent news confirming his role in helming an adaptation of Millar’s The Secret Service comic book.

Vaughn dropping out of Kick-Ass 2 seems to be an indication that he has way too many projects on his plate at the moment, and have had to cherry pick ones that he really wants to do the most, which means that he found The Secret Service to be the best of the bunch being offered to him.

The Secret Service comic book focuses on the adventures of a veteran secret agent who takes a young protégé under his wing, leading him through a crash course in the shadowy world of espionage.

Filming is set to begin in August, ahead of a 2014 release date, with Fox scheduling an opening weekend for 14 November.

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