Matt Damon Reacts to Ben Affleck Casting Debacle 0

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If you think we’re done posting stuff about Ben Affleck being cast as Batman, you’re wrong. Dead wrong. Double dead wrong. The issue is not yet over, and Matt Damon knows it, which is why he has recently thrown in his two cents regarding his friend landing a role that many comic book fans believe isn’t deserved.

Of course, it’s no surprise that Damon has words of support for his friend:

“I think it will be great. It will be terrific,” Damon told the Times Of India. “I know there are a lot of people grousing on the internet. I just think it’s kind of funny. You know, he’s not playing King Lear. It’s Batman! Certainly within his skill set.

“If anybody saw Argo or The Town, and all the work he’s been doing lately, it’s way more nuanced and interesting and way more difficult than Batman!

“Batman just sits there with his cowl over his head and whispers in a kinda gruff voice at people. Bruce Wayne is the more challenging part of the role, and Ben will be great at that.”


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