Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Gets a New Writer 0

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Gets a New Writer

Marvel has recently tapped Black List screenwriter Chris McCoy to work on the latest draft of the Guardians of the Galaxy screenplay. McCoy will be rewriting the original draft of the Guardians screenplay, which was originally penned by Nicole Perlman.

Nicole Perlman was originally hired due to her experience with writing space drama (after previously writing an unproduced script about Neil Armstrong), but it seems Marvel wants to capture the comic book formula by also hiring McCoy, who is best known for his comedic chops, and whose scripts have already appeared on Hollywood’s infamous Black List thrice.

If you’re not familiar with the Guardians of the Galaxy Comic Book, it involves a group of spacefaring superheroes, and one of the members is a talking, gun-wielding raccoon. So it’s no surprise that they’re looking for a war drama with comedic overtones.

Guardians Of The Galaxy opens in cinemas 1 August 2014.